Past presentations

After each chapter meeting, with the permission of the speaker, presentation slides and/or handouts are posted here. Click on the links below to access recent chapter meeting presentations:


May 2017

First Trust Partner Presentation

Reverse Mortage Funding Presentation

Part 1: Making the Disability Income Protection Connection with ilana Reed (emailed to attendees)

Part 2: Bridging the Gap in Property and Casualty Insurance with Marisa Maurer & Jim Tolliver (emailed to attendees)

Part 3: What Every Advisor Must Know About Today’s Long-Term Care Solutions with Aaron R Eisenach (emailed to attendees)

April 2017

Global Market Outlook

International Equity Markets

March 2017

The Seven Steps to Protect Yourself, Your Practice, and Your Clients Who Have Diminished Mental Capacity

February 2017

Retirement Plans: How to put your clients in control of their money (Handout)  

2016 Tax Update and What May Lie Beyond... (PPT)

January 2017

2017 Economic Outlook

Asset Allocation & Portfolio Positioning in 2017



November 2016


Senior$afe Client Brochure

October 2016

  1. Washington is Here to Help:  Current Policy Issues Impacting Investment Advisers (No presentation available)

     2. When Fiduciaries Control The Money

August 2016
Understanding the Mature Marketplace 2016

July 2016
ECII2016 Handout Pages 1-24
ECII2016 Handout Pages 25-51 
Serving Two Masters 

June 2016
Fiduciary’s Guide to Life Insurance
Thriving Beyond Midlife – Going Beyond the Money

May 2016
Challenging Traditional Bond Analytics

April, 2016
Investing for the Next Economy…
Adding Sustainable Investing To Your Practice

March, 2016
No presentation available

February, 2016
Worksheet – Help! What Do I Say?
Planning for the Inevitable
What Can Your Health Agent Do?

January, 2016
Economic Outlook for 2016: Tailwinds or Headwinds



November, 2015
Trust Topics and Trends for Financial Planners
Lifelong Planning: The Scoop on Special Needs Trusts

October, 2015
Concepts in International Taxation for Financial Planners

June, 2015
Social Security: Good Things Come to Those Who Wait…and Work

May, 2015
No presentation available.

April, 2015
PERA Update
Data Visualization Best Practices

March, 2015
What Every Financial Planner Needs to Know about the Colorado Securities Act
The Examination:To Fear Or Not to Fear

February, 2015
Impact Investing: The Next Big Thing
Investing in the U.S. Energy Renaissance

January, 2015
Advanced Tax Planning Strategies for the Creation and Preservation of Income