Past Presidents

Each year our chapter Board of Directors is led by our President. Below is the list of the outstanding members who gave their time and talents in service to our Colorado Chapter. Thank you to everyone who served!

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2020- Debbie Freeman, CPA, CFP®

2019- Randy Anderson, CFP®

2018- Kris Tower, CFP®, AIF®

2017- Wendi Strom, CFP®

2016- Andrea L. Blackwelder, CFP®, ChFC®

2015- James O’Brien, CFP®

2014- Carol Craigie, CFP®

2013- Karl Frank, CFP®

2012- Derek Manning, CFP®

2011- Patrick Johnson, CFP® 

2010- Jennefer Walsh, CFP®

2009- Matt Elliott, CFP®

2008- Kate Scott, CFP®

2007- Valerie Antonioli, CFP®

2006- Marion Steward, CFP®

2005- Susie Johnston, CFP®

2004- Mimi Hackley, MPH, CFP®

2003- Amy Noel, MBA, CFP®

2002- Janet McCoy, CFP®

2001- Greg Seal, CFP®, MBA

2000- Greg Seal, CFP®, MBA

Pictured: 2017 President Wendi Strom, CFP® and 2016 Past President Andrea Blackwelder,CFP®, ChFC®.