Past presentations

After each chapter meeting, with the permission of the speaker, presentation slides and/or handouts are posted here. Click on the links below to access recent chapter meeting presentations:




Partner Handout- Hubly Brochure

Partner Presentation- Hubly- About Us
Elizabeth Garner - Growing Forward - Population and Economic Trends in Colorado
Lara Rhame - Macro Update - 10 for '21


2020 Presentations


Partner Presentation - CCIG
Quincy Krosby October 2020 Newsletter
Lisa Rehburg - Life Insurance Settlements presentation 

September (Forum)
KEYNOTE 1: 2020: A Global Pandemic and a Fed Fueled Frenzy
KEYNOTE 2: Ross Riskin- Education Planning for the Next Decade 
Breakout 1A: Ross Riskin- Planning for All Generations
Breakout 1B: Thomas Kammerer- The Overlooked Gap in Financial Advice
Breakout 2A: Steven Gates- Three Insurance Trends Planners Can't Ignore
Breakout 3B: Shelley Thompson- Wills vs. Trusts

Partner #1 Fairway Mortgage- Fairway Mortgage Pwrpnt
Partner #2 Tifin Group- Magnifi: Adapting to Win in the Digitial Era
Kirsten Lopkoff- Planning with PERA

Marguerita Cheng- BOGW Ethics 3hr
Brennan Hannon- CollegeInvest 10-minute presentation

TD Ameritrade Partner message-
RMF Partner Message- The Reverse Mortgage - What to Know Right Now 
Carl Wayne & Carol Craigie- Research on Heart Health and Financial Issues Resources
Carl Wayne & Carol Craigie- Planner Actions Resources
Carl Wayne & Carol Craigie- Charitable Intentions Resources
Carl Wayne & Carol Craigie- AHA PowerPoint

Dan Almuti, Franklin Templeton - Six Barriers to Investment Success: Uncovering Your Behavioral Biases
Franklin Templeton - Six Barriers brochure

Franklin Templeton Diamond Partner presentation
Keynote Presentations - Jeff Levine- Presentations and Handouts

Brian Quinn - Guggenheim's Preparing for the Next Credit Cycle
Elizabeth Garner - Growing Forward: Population & Economic Trends in Colorado
Gary Horvath - The Colorado Economy